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Debug Javascript in Internet Explorer (IE)

One of the most frustrating front end web development tasks is debugging javascript in Internet Explorer. Firefox has excellent tools to do this, Firebug for instance. Microsoft, as we all know, has been lacking any type of “free” intuitive javascript debugging tool until now.

Usually, I have been able to get by with IE’s built in debugger, however recently after writing some complex UI classes I needed something a bit more informative. Microsoft, believe it or not, offers an express version of their Visual Web Developer software. The debugging tool included is very useful, however it requires a bit of tweaking in order to use it effectively with your websites.

You can download the software at:

In order to get debugging to work, you need to perform the following steps.

1) Start a new “Empty” website
2) Start debugging
3) Right click the “Empty” Website (should be in right bar) and launch browser.

When the browser launches, simply change the URL to the page that contains the javascript you wish to debug. If errors occur, you will be sent back to Visual Web Developer and shown the line and code of where the error is occuring.

Finally, a useful tool for IE debugging.

Happy coding.

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