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Zend Server CE – MySQL Issues Snow Leopard OS X 10.6

Having recently made the transition to Snow Leopard and a new Mac Book Pro I decided to go with Zend Server CE as my LAMP stack.

I have noticed that I occasionally have isues relating to MySQL.

If you notice that mysql stops working properly and/or you receive the following error while trying to restart zend server:

ERROR! MySQL manager or server PID file could not be found!

You can run the following commands to get running again without having to reboot your machine.

First: Stop MySQL

sudo stop-mysql

Second: Kill MySQL Processes.

ps aux | grep "mysql"

This should return something that looks like this..

zend      2520   0.0  0.3   640396  14616 s000  S     4:27PM   0:00.37 /usr/local/zend/mysql/bin/mysqld --defaults-extra-file=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data/my.cnf --basedir=/usr/local/zend/mysql --datadir=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data --user=zend --log-error=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data/xxx.err --pid-file=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data/ --socket=/usr/local/zend/mysql/tmp/mysql.sock --port=3306
root      2388   0.0  0.0  2435464    864 s000  S     4:27PM   0:00.03 /bin/sh ./bin/mysqld_safe --datadir=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data --pid-file=/usr/local/zend/mysql/data/

Now, the PID number you are looking for is the first set of numbers after the username. Repeat the kill command until all your MySQL processes are dead.

sudo kill -9 2520
sudo kill -9 2388

Now we want to restart MySQL

sudo start-mysql

This will temporarily get you back on track. I am working on a permanent solution to this problem, will keep you posted.

Happy Coding!

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